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PDF Writer for Windows 8  (Version

   Server Location: United States     Size: 1,356,599 bytes [1.29MB]


PDF Writer for Windows Server 2012  (Version

   Server Location: United States     Size: 1,583,550 bytes [1.51MB]


PDF Previewer for Windows 8  (Version   [FREEWARE]

   Server Location: United States     Size: 3,893,220 bytes [3.71MB]

Limitations in the trial version of the PDF Writer products:

Stamp watermark
The trial version stamps an Unregistered watermark on all generated PDF files.


The minimum requirements are given for your reference.

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows 8 64-bit/32-bit (Microsoft Windows 8.1 compatible), Microsoft Windows Server 2012 x64/x86
Computer memory: 512 MB RAM
Hard disk: 250 MB free disk space
Display resolution: 1024x768


Troubleshoot your download and install problems!

Step one - download and save

First click the above "Download Now" button or this button.
You may be asked if you want to save the file or run it from its current location. If you are asked this question, select "Save." If not, don't worry -- some browsers will automatically choose "Save" for you.

(Note: The exact wording of the download screens will vary depending on your version of Windows and browser.)

You will then be asked to select the folder where you want to save the program or file, using a standard "Save As" dialog box. Note & remember which folder you select before clicking the "Save" button. You can save this file to your desktop to make it easy to find it after the download is completed. It may help you to create a folder like "C:\Downloads" for all of your downloads, but you can use any folder you'd like.

You would probably encounter the 'This program is not commonly downloaded and could harm your computer' message. Simply click on "Actions" -> "More Options" -> "Run anyway".

If you get a "User Account Control - Security Warning - Unknown Publisher" message, you may safely ignore this as Wondersoft is the publisher, and you are downloading directly from the Wondersoft site. The software contains no spyware, adware or viruses.

The download will now begin. Your web browser will keep you updated on the progress of the download by showing a progress bar that fills up as you download. The file will be saved as "D:\Downloads\PDFWriter_Setup.exe".

Note: You may also see a check box labeled "Close this dialog box when download completes." If you see this check box, it helps to uncheck this box. You don't have to, but if you do, it will be easier to find the file after you download it.

Step two - install PDF Writer

Depending on how fast your connection is, it may take anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes to download. When your download is finished, if you left that "Close this dialog box when download completes" option unchecked, you'll see a dialog box.

Now click the "Open" button to run the file you just downloaded. At this point the installation program for the file will launch, so just follow the on-screen instructions from there to install the screensaver on your computer. If you don't see the "Download complete" dialog box, just open the folder where you saved the file and double-click on the icon for the file there.

PDF Writer for Windows 8

PDF Writer for Windows Server 2012

PDF Previewer for Windows 8

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